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Local Enby Considers Possibility of Maybe Exercising One Day.

A silhouette, running, which I may or may not do!
Something I may or may not do!

Max Lucas, non-binary plant-sitter, was shocked to see that they gained 20 pounds. They aren’t even sure when that happened. Max Lucas doesn’t even own a scale; they simply stepped on one by accident earlier this week while watering a client’s tomato plant.

While their (probably) recent weight gain came as a shock, Lucas doesn’t necessarily feel any particular way. Sure, they were heavier than they thought, but Lucas still looks really hot and feels great. It’s mostly just the number on the scale that day was a different number than the last time they stepped on a scale!

So Max Lucas has considered thinking about exercising. Maybe. The idea has crossed their mind several times now. Lucas reports that they’ve almost taking up running several times in the past several years. At LEAST four times. They haven’t actually ran yet, aside from a short sprint to cross a crosswalk in time, before the light changed, because they are “very impatient.”

It was due to this impatience that Lucas ultimately decided against doing a plank today. Said plank was an activity they kind of considered doing for 30 seconds even though they find them totally boring.

“I was totally gonna do one, too,” claims Lucas, but the floor was “filled with cat hair” and vacuuming would be “too much effort.”

After a final follow-up, Lucas reported that they googled some basic at-home exercises, which they will “think about implementing into their schedule…eventually.” According to their two roommates, Lucas was also offered a guest pass to the gym they both attended, and Lucas is still “mulling it over!”