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JoJo Siwa Fans Heartbroken After Breakup with What’s-Her-Face

Queer Icons Dancing
Courtesy of “Dancing with the Stars”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – “Love is dead.”

That’s what JoJo Siwa fans, aka Varsity Members of the J-Team, are Tweeting nationwide after learning that our beloved queer icon JoJo and her girlfriend, That One Chick, have broken up. We are in mourning. We are not well. 

The news is not hitting the LGBTQ community well, as we thought that JoJo and The Girlfriend were a beacon of hope and an example for queer couples everywhere. 

“JoJo and The Lesbian truly made me believe in soulmates” said local pansexual Jericho Freedman. “JoJo and Whoever-She-Was…their names were written in the sands of time! Or wait, is it ‘Whomever?’”

It is unclear whether the breakup is related to JoJo’s ongoing Dancing With the Stars appearance, where she is the first contestant to dance with a same-sex partner, Jenna. The chemistry between Jenna and JoJo is like fireworks. 

“Maybe JoJo was too busy? I just hope that The Former Girlfriend didn’t break JoJo’s heart,” continued Freedman. “Unless JoJo broke up with The Ex to be with Jenna, in which case, good for her!”

Regardless, change is always hard and we as a community will learn to adjust and live a life without the power couple that was Jojo and The Other One.

An outpouring of sympathy and tears has overtaken West Hollywood, where locals are openly weeping over brunch. QueerCoded asked one weeping bruncher, who chose to remain anonymous, if they had any words of encouragement for Kylie Prew, to which he replied “Kylie who?”