BREAKING: Non-Binary Person Misgendered Self Today.

LOS ANGELES–Misgendering comes in many forms, and today local non-binary person Ali Cameron referred to themself as “she” again.

“It’s just habit,” said Cameron, a 28 year old dog groomer. “I was shaving this poodle, Phinaes, and I looked in his cute little eyes and said to him ‘you love haircuts with Ali! She makes you look so pretty!’”

In that moment, both Ali and Phineas froze in shock.

Society expects the cis community to make these mistakes, but such a misstep is more egregious from a member of the lgbtq community. “I only came out a few months ago, so I guess it’s just habit. I slip sometimes after 27 years of female pronouns” Cameron continued. “I can’t believe I did that! Big whoops!”

Fortunately, Ali Cameron took all the correct steps to rectify this faux pas. “I simply apologized to myself and made a commitment to do better next time. It’s important not to center oneself as the victim by saying ‘I’m the worst! Everyone hates me!’ That would have been too much emotional labor for me to ask of myself.”

Ali wants to thank their dog coworkers at the salon for providing such a forgiving atmosphere that encourages these dialogue.