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BREAKING: Kid Rock Yells Homophobic Slur During Show, Surprising Nobody

SMITHVILLE, TN–During a show, Kid Rock had an tantrum on stage, which ended with a homophobic slur. Nobody in the audience appeared surprised.

“Yeah, that seems pretty on brand for him. I’m not even sure how this is news,” commented local gay man Evan Rodriguez whose brother dragged him to the show.

The rock and roll frontman and failed restaurateur, is most famous for nu-metal radio hit, “Bawitdaba,” and the 14 health code citations his restaurant gathered before closing, had just finished the hit at FishLipz Bar & Grill when the rambling started.

“Seriously?” said Rodriguez. “How is anyone surprised by this? The place is called FishLipz Bar & Grill. Come on, what do you expect from a venue that is also a bar AND grill? This doesn’t deserve our attention.”

Rodriguez went on, “Maybe he’s doing it for attention? Or maybe this is just normal Saturday. I don’t really care. ”

From the rest of the statement that night, Mr. Rock was upset that audience members were recording his set on their iPhones, leading him to drop the homophobic f-bomb.

The connection between iPhone usage and the LGBTQ Community is still unclear, nor if it was Mr. Rock’s loyalty to another cell phone manufacturer. Samsung, LG, Sony, and Google did not return our requests for comment.

In an initial posting of this story, “Kid Rock” was referred to as “Man Rock.” apologizes for this error.