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BLOG: Omicron Won’t Stop Me From Celebrating Christmas as Usual Because I am a Jewish Hermit.

Jewish Christmas Tree

Sorry, Covid! You can’t stop me. You won’t stop me. Christmas is here, and tradition is tradition. Ive seen Fiddler on the Roof. I’m an American. A JEWISH-American. 

The government wants us to cancel our holiday plans? They want us to not participate in our yearly customs? Well, you can’t stop me from doing what I ALWAYS do…LITERALLY NOTHING. 
That’s right…I’m staying at home, by myself, and doing absolutely nothing, with nobody, as I do every Christmas. This is a free country. I won’t be stopped. 
But what about the time-honored traditions of a Jew on Christmas, you might ask? Well, guess what, fascist. Chinese restaurants still deliver on Uber eats and I can watch a movie on one of the many streaming services for which I weirdly pay and don’t borrow passwords.
Call me a badass. Call me brave. Call me a rebel, but I’m not going to let this new variant stop me from doing what I, a Jewish person, do every year for Christmas….absolutely nothing. I will not cancel that. I will not bow down. I deserve this. 
I’ll even support an independent filmmaker by buying a new movie on demand and tipping my delivery driver 40%, just to STICK IT to the MAN! This is the United States of America and I am a Jewish-American. I won’t back down.