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2022 Officially “Year of the Jeopardy! Gay”

Fans Before/After finding out Mattea is cool and gay.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Look, the last year-and-a-half has been rough on Jeopardy! fans.

First, we tragically lose Alex Trebek. THEN, after a fleeting sense of normalcy with Amy Schneider’s 40+ games, she is also taken from us! I mean, she’s alive and well. VERY WELL. Like “quit her job” well. But, it still stings! Amy lost to Rhone, another member of the LGBTQ community.

Mattea Roach is the latest player on a Jeopardy! winning streak. At first, some gays found it difficult to muster up the same enthusiasm for the young champion…until now.

Because according to PinkNews, Mattea Roach IS A LESBIAN! And thank GOD!

The game had been feeling “a bit hetero lately,” according to critics, so knowing Mattea is not only smart, but also a gay, is truly comforting. “We can finally finish what we started: The Year of the Jeopardy! Gay!” said a spokesperson for all gays everywhere. “May we continue to dominate!”

A queer fan of the show commented, “I always root for POC and LGBTQ people win, and I thought Mattea was just some regular white lady, so I was ambivalent to her. Knowing now that she’s also a lesbian makes me REALLY want to root for her!”

The unnamed fan has gone back to DVR recordings to rewatch the past 18 episodes and “ensure Mattea’s gameplay gets the PROPER, gay level of enthusiasm”

However, some (boring, heterosexual) Jeopardy! fans aren’t so happy. Straight gameshow-fan Harold Burgs told QueerCoded exclusively that, “the game has changed and it’s not fair. There are too many gays, and they are all too smart. I think it’s rigged, like they have some sort of unfair advantage or something!”

Tune in tonight to see if Mattea, who is definitely cool and queer and NOT boring and straight, will continue her streak!