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Daily Wire Host Matt Walsh Comes Out As Bi- And Droidsexual

NASHVILLE–Following a controversial remark on The Matt Walsh Show, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh took to his Twitter account Wednesday to admit that, “Yes, it was a cry for help.” Walsh had recently come under fire for claiming that accepting LGBTQ parents would lead to “4-man, 3-sex robot family units.”

“A lot of people said that was oddly specific and, well, if I’m going to be honest, I was hoping people would catch it,” his statement said.

Queer Coded reporters caught up with Walsh on his driveway Wednesday morning as his wife flung the contents of his closet out of their marital bedroom window. “A lot of people pointed out that 4 men and 3 sex robots wouldn’t match up evenly. They really kept pushing it! ‘Wouldn’t four men want four sex robots?’ they kept asking!” Walsh paused to dodge a falling robotic pelvis before continuing. “I was just hoping they wouldn’t notice the sweat running down my brow.”

Neighbors of the Walsh family speaking under condition of anonymity claim Walsh’s wife has been cheerfully celebrating the news. “She said their prenup specifically contained a clause about robots, which seemed odd,” said one neighbor.

“I’ve been holding on to this secret since I first discovered men and lifelike gyndroids,” said Walsh on his now-viral coming out post. “I just hope the LGBTQ community can accept me after all the ignorant comments I made about them. In fact, I intend to agitate to add a D to the end to be more inclusive of droidsexuals like me!”