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Transphobe Graham Lineham May Have Been Something Other Than A Transphobe At One Time

Graham Lineham Via Zoom

LONDON–Appearing via video camera at the House of Lords, transphobe Graham Lineham attempted to appeal his ban from Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media platforms. Mr. Lineham, who at one time had some gainful employment, is now primarily known as being a transphobic bigot.
“My show [unintelligible] was banned from Channel 4 because the current generation coming up is extremely censorious,” he said. This appeared to be primarily rooted in a denial of consequences to his actions and statements.
Whatever Mr. Lineham may have done at his previous employer seems to have been overshadowed by his obsessive attitude toward transgender people and transgender women in particular. Indeed, when his name is mentioned now, he is now called “that transphobic bloke” or “that guy that signed up to a lesbian app and tried to police women’s appearances?”
Research into Mr. Lineham’s activities over the past several years has revealed nothing other than regular and consistent arguments with a variety of people on the Internet and it appears that his sole source of income is the charity that his allies provide him. There is no word if that will continue, especially now that He and his spouse have separated due to his focus on transgender people.
When asked how he will survive without money or support, a spokesman for Lineham may or may not have said, “Not much left to do but go to America. Perhaps become an inspiration for bigoted country music stars.”
Nashville might not want him; that city has ordinances protecting transgender people from discrimination.