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Top Eight Celebrities who Need Conservators More Than Britney Spears

Britney Spear’s legal fight to exit her father’s conservatorship on her has been making the headlines lately. This has promoted many people to question the necessity of the arrangement, noting the singer appears to be in a much more stable place than when the conservatorship started. It’s also caused others to even question if the conservatorship was even needed in the first place. While this is a thorny issue potentially beyond the scope of a humor news site, what we can say with authority is there’s definitely celebrities out there who appear to have their shit less together than Miss Spears.

[Editor’s note: we decided no one wanted to see pictures of any of these celebrities, so we’ve replaced them with our favorite pictures of Ms. Spears]

Roseanne Barr
Did you know Britney is not allowed to use the internet without permission? Wouldn’t that be great if extended to some other people we can think of?

Jared Leto
Did you know he literally started his own cult? You know who’s cult I might actually consider? Britney. I’m joking, of course, but it would be way better than Jared Leto’s cult. That guy’s a creep.

Nicholas Cage
Look, this might be a weird thing to say, but does he seem like he has his shit together? I’m pretty sure not. No one can do so many shitty cash grab movies and still owe the IRS money without being a bit messed up. Britney’s not allowed to control her own money, and she hasn’t even gotten in trouble with the IRS.

Alec Baldwin
You know, I haven’t heard anything bad about him lately; I don’t know if he’s been ok or just no one cares anymore. But he seems to be working, seems to be happy. I just want everyone to be happy. Can’t Britney be happy?

Charlie Sheen
In all seriousness, we wish him all the best with his health, but will gently question several of his life decisions. Look, no one’s perfect. We know this. We know everyone has made mistakes. We should let people grow. Part of living life is making mistakes, but then being allowed to take control and grow from those mistakes into better people.

Mel Gibson
Talk about those who’ve made mistakes and are hopefully growing from them. It seems like everyone’s pretending he’s not still Mel Gibson. Hopefully he’s better. There’s only up at this point.

Marilyn Manson
Turns out the guy has been a dick for a while. Who knew? Lots of people apparently. You know who’s not a dick? Britney.

Caitlyn Jenner
She killed someone, you know? She literally killed someone, and she’s running for GOVERNOR. As a REPUBLICAN. She needs to stop.

Can Britney run for governor? There’s a politician I can get behind.

[Disclaimer: Queercoded does not believe any of these people deserve conservatorships, and feel in the vast majority of cases they are cruel and unnecessary. Pass it along!]