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Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Sign Triggers Mass Detransitions

Sign outside Greene’s Office

WASHINGTON DC–Triggering a massive, yet unexpected, response, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) posted a sign outside her office that said, “There Are Two Genders: Male & Female. ‘Trust the Science.'” The sign prompted a large amount of transgender people to suddenly stop and start reversing their transitions.

“I just have never heard that statement before,” Pat Jones, researcher of genetics at the University of Illinois College Of Medicine, said. “I had no idea. Science? I’ve studied this stuff. And personally, I have seen doctors, surgeons, nurse practitioners, therapists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, psychologists–at least three of them who wrote letters about it–some of them at insurance companies, and none of them, nor my colleagues, told me that science said transgender people didn’t exist. Why didn’t all those professionals tell me what that simple sign did?”

Jones is not alone. On Thursday, a 2 million transgender individuals across the nation submitted paperwork to reverse the changes completed, for some of them, decades ago.

“I can’t believe it. Has the past 20 years been a lie?” Angel Thompson asked themselves while standing in line for the Cook County Clerk to file some paperwork. “All that time I spent on the internet and nobody has ever told me that!” Thompson remembered when they told their parents about it and how excited they were for this. “Nobody wants a cisgender child. For sure. I’m so worried that mom will be disappointed in me. And dad. I am just glad he didn’t live long enough to see me fail and embrace my birth gender again.”

Jones displays the letter they received from an early therapist that stated that they were a “[S]table individual and a benefit to society.” “What if they were wrong about that, too?” they asked. “I heard things about intersex people and chromosomal aberrations from medical professionals, but clearly I should have been getting my scientific advice from signs posted by our elected representatives.”

Thompson, for their part, knows what’s next for them. “I’m going to start on spreading the word of that sign. It’s such a simple clear message. There’s no way it could be wrong.”