Paranormal Experts Agree: Sharp Rise in Ghosts Shouting “Freedom!”

SALEM, MA- Ghost hunters around the country are all reporting a curious phenomena. Not only are hauntings up dramatically, but over the last year, there has been a sharp rise in hauntings where the ghosts involved would shout “Freedom”.  A cause for this is still being investigated.

“Well, it started just as soon as my wife and I moved into our new house,” says new resident Bill Mason. “We got the house for cheap in February because the previous owners had passed suddenly of Covid. The whole time we’ve been there, doors slam, cabinets open on their own, cold breezes would blow through. Anyway, recently we started hearing whispers. Voices from where there is no one.”

Bill even has video. On a video he uploaded to TikTok, you can hear a garbled voice say, “My body my choice. No vax no mask!” The rest of the video is not as distinct, but experts say they can make out the word “sheeple.”

The Mason’s story is echoed all across the US, with numerous reports of ghosts knocking over hand sanitizer, disappearing face masks, turning off TV’s that were tuned to CNN.

“Can anything be done about it? That’s a great question.” Ponders celebrated ghost hunter Matt Finger. “Typically hauntings are indications ghosts have unfinished business in this life, but these ghosts just seem to want to create more ghosts. Luckily though these ghosts all in all are much less annoying than these people were alive so I am not too worried about it. Keeps me busy, at least.”