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Area Man Somehow Still Unaware Singer From Judas Priest Is Gay

Rob Halford, centre, with Judas Priest in 1984 — Paul Natkin/Getty Images

SHEBOYGAN, WI–Aaron Garver considers himself a bit of a heavy metal aficionado, specifically of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal variety. So, it seemed a bit strange that Mr Garver posted openly about Rob Halford’s marital status on Facebook.

“I mean, deffo some chick would totally love him. Why isn’t he married yet. I bet he’s rich.” Mr Garver is a 43 year old man who, actually, thinks he stays rather up to date on all the issues of the day and of his hobbies, works in an office with several other men and women, all of whom tend to see Mr Garver as politically aware and astute man.

But it seems through shear luck that he had never heard that Mr Halford came out as gay in 1998. He has also been with his partner, Thomas Pence, for over 25 years. Pence is no relation to the former United States Vice President, Mike Pence at least as is known.

Still, this rather odd shaped hole in Mr Garver’s knowledge was not without some skeptics, who were unsure how to respond.

“I almost responded to Aaron,” said Garver’s friend, Trevor Owen. “I know Aaron has no problem with gay people. At least I hope not. I mean he knows I am. Does he?”

“Oh yeah, Tervor’s gay. Dating a super chill guy. I got a knack for that, anyway. That gaydar, thing? Totally what I can do. I don’t stand for homophobia. I mean, even knew my sister was my sister before she knew she was, if you know what I mean. “

After a few moments, the reporter did in fact figure out what he meant.

But Mr Garver’s doesn’t involve willful ignorance, just the overwhelming inertia that is heteronormativity. When finally told the now 23 year old news that the singer for the band Judas Priest is gay, Mr Garver said, “Oh. Yeah. I guess I can see it now. My bad.”